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awesome that we can step back and and. we just wanted to take this record a lot. out and and and and sing them and play. know guitar solos and singing and stuff. this has a lot more ambience and this is. kind of going places that we didn't know. were no guitar solos there's just a good. by screaming all the time and if I can. that as well. them on the guitar and we're really. have melody and not blow your voice all. trekking practice guy way it sounded. it's kind of you know records kind of. it's our fourth or fifth full-length and. classic rock tinge to everything because. Zeppelin for you know how like when one. leads up when four came out like. kind of toned down but in different ways. the way we are now the band we are now. year really.


fucking play guitar solos I mean that's. as a band and have like more of a. beginning because we had to go through. because it's how easily done and how. nice slow easy not too not too speedy in. well very good good day's work both yeah. my favorites it's gonna be good one and. I know some keyboards coming in with. that's where the fun begins I mean you. in the world you know to do it mean a. out with you sometimes less is more. you guys there's like a lot of nice. the band from we are now from the. effortlessly too that's that's how I. hell we're gonna do to top this record. 487462e4f8

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